Our Approach

Our methodology and approach in crafting successful search and social campaigns for our clients is unique in the industry, and here’s why:

We focus on revenue, not rankings

As a small business, it does you no good if you’re ranking well in search for keywords that don’t convert to sales. That’s just empty traffic. That’s why we believe using rankings as the end-all success metric does a disservice to our clients. You’re investing in SEO to increase sales, so that’s what we base our success on. In other words, we’ve only done our job if your sales have increased. And we trust our services enough that we guarantee you’ll see an increase in search-based revenue after working with us, or you’ll get your money back. We put this guarantee in the contract, and we’ve proud of the fact that no client has ever asked for their money back so far. Learn more about our guarantee >>

We respect the fact that every business is unique.

No two businesses are the same. As a result, we spend the time with every one of our clients to develop a custom SEO and Social Strategy unique to their business needs.

After you request a consultation, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Initial phone consultation – An initial 30-60 minute phone call where we learn about your existing SEO, develop a sense of your business goals, get introduced to your web site as well as your competitors, and get an initial understanding of your existing search traffic and revenue
  2. Search and Social Media Proposal – Within 3-5 days after our discussion, we’ll provide you with a customized and comprehensive search and social media proposal. Why does it take 3-5 days? Because this proposal is customized for you based our on the initial phone consultation, so it takes us time to develop a thoughtful yet competitive proposal that meets your specific needs
  3. Search and Social Strategy Document – After you accept the proposal and move forward with partnering with us, we’ll develop a search and social strategy document that will outline exactly what needs to be done in order to have your site generating substantially more revenue and leads. It will include a combination of the search and social media services listed here.

We earn your trust through our excellent customer service

We super-serve our clients by making ourselves available to them at all times, by proactively monitoring reports to let them know of any new search trends on their sites, and by giving them . We also set up recurring meetings with our clients

Our month-to-month contract means you're not locked down

We don’t like long term contracts ourselves, so we don’t force our clients into them. All of our partnerships are strictly month-to-month, which allows our clients the flexibility to know they can stop a campaign at any time, without a risk of incurring any penalties.